Selected Filmography


Frazé-Frazénko feat VovaZiLvova - Vyzvolna Viyna (music video)


New York. Malaniuk (feature documentary)

The Fish (short)

Psychro (short)

Vova Zi Lvova - Zhyttia Urahany Zboroty (music video)

Gnatkowski - Wybór Masz (music video)

Gnatkowski - Angel (music video)

Frazé-Frazénko - Smokechie (music video)

Vova Zi Lvova - Do Dupy (music video)

Joryj Kłoc & Vova Zi Lvova - Rano-Rano (music video)

Joryj Kłoc - Kładka (music video)

Balaklava Blues - Alive (music video)

Balaklava Blues - Don't Leave Me (music video)

Balaklava Blues - Machina (music video)

Moonk - Radio plavit (music video)

Eugene Pugachov Quartet (live music video)


Casi Desnudo (feature documentary)

Milena (short)

Pinzel (short)

The Road from the Graveyard to the Town (short)

Frazé-Frazénko - The Queen Of Angels (music video)

Frazé-Frazénko - Oh, Birdy (music video)

Frazé-Frazénko - A Poem About the Brick (music video)

Frazé-Frazénko - Did Steftsʹo (music video)

Frazé-Frazénko - A Certain Count for Rhythm (music video)

Frazé-Frazénko - A Monologue (music video)

Frazé-Frazénko - Wherever We Are (music video)

Frazé-Frazénko - Pecherni Tila (music video)


Mister Nobody (feature documentary)

Clay (poetry short)

Fucking Bitch Norway (feature documentary)

Koko (short documentary)

A Funeral (feature documentary)

I Love You All. AM (short documentary)

A Perfect Poet’s Arriving (short)

Reflection (poetry short)

The Night Is Just Beginning (feature musical)

Here he looks back and runs (feature musical)

Joryj Kłoc - Baba (live music video)

Joryj Kłoc - Baba (music video)

Frazé-Frazénko - The Music (music video)


An Aquarium in the Sea​ (feature documentary)

Don‘t Lie to Me (short)

The Coldest (short)

O (feature documentary)

Jacques Hnizdovsky, Content and Style (short documentary)

About Julian Kytasty (short documentary)

Stanislav - Rakhiv Railway (poetry short)

Lviv Month in Wroclaw (documentary series)

At The Theatre (short)

Three Dinosaurs (short)

Two Of Us (feature musical)

Jazz Bez 2009-2016 (musical series)

Joryj Kłoc - Kołomyjky (music video)

Mariana Sadovska and Christian Thomé - Ples (live music video)

Frazé-Frazénko - Touching Your Body (music video)

Frazé-Frazénko - Venus And Vrubel (music video)

Frazé-Frazénko - A Tiger Hunt (music video)

Frazé-Frazénko - Silent Woman (music video)

Frazé-Frazénko - Imagine a River (music video)

Frazé-Frazénko - A whore, not a night (music video)

Frazé-Frazénko - The Room (music video)

Frazé-Frazénko - Dzhybaboom (music video)

Frazé-Frazénko ‑ Yer Blues (music video)


The House on Seven Winds (feature documentary)

Oh, Storm (short documentary)

Mariya in Berezhany (short musical)

The House in Baiting Hollow (poetry short)

Neboroc (short)

Joryj Kłoc - Lis (music video)

Mariana Sadovska and C. Thomé - Warshaw (live music video)


Chubai (feature documentary)

Galician Assembly (documentary series)

Penetration (feature musical)

Taras Disappears (poetry short)

A Week of Actual Art 2 (documentary series)

Interval (documentary short)

Mariana Sadovska/Mark Tokar Octet - 2014 (live music video)

Mariana Sadovska and C. Thomé - The Spring (live music video)

Mariana Sadovska - Widow Song (music video)

Mariana Sadovska - Plyve Kacha (music video)

Sofiya Fedyna - Mamichko (music video)


Sonnet (poetry short)

I`m Not Alone (documentary series)

Inwestycja w kulturę (documentary series)

Wschód Kultury (documentary series)

A Week of Actual Art (documentary series)

On Recordings (poetry short)

Fort Mission (documentary series)

The Snow (short)

Then it's Like the Two of You (short)

A Travel to Where the Snow Is (short)

Old Lion's smile (animation short)


Styhica (experimental feature documentary)

Something Imperfect (short)

I'm Your Man (short)

No Money - No Reeds (musical feature documentary)


Metaphormosa (feature documentary)

YaYaTalk (feature documentary)

Landscapes: Daywater (experimental short)

Landscapes: Death of a Poet (experimental short)

Landscapes: Stars (experimental short)

Portraits: Zelensky (documentary short)

Portraits: Albina (documentary short)

Transmission (experimental short)

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