Jurek Zełený

producer  |  production manager  |  music journalist  |  TV-presenter

born in Chortkiv. made a career as a producer of Ukrainian indie bands. a co-organizer of Nivroku Fest, one of the first rock-festivals in Ukraine (Ternopil), 1991-2008. co-author & presenter of the TV-project “Podorozhnyk” (Wanderer), 2004-2005. co-author, presenter & co-producer of the documentary “Castles of Ternopil region: the story we are losing”, 2010. 2011-2013 — producer & manager of the Los Colorados rock-band. 2013-2019 — producer & manager of the Joryj Kłoc folk-punk-rock-band. co-authored, co-edited produced all 4 LPs and all the music videos of the band. produced 11 music videos total. for the past 20 years, Jurek Zełený also defends the introduction of the Latin alphabet in the Ukrainian language, created one of those alphabet versions.

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