Oleksandr Fraze-Frazenko

filmmaker  |  writer  |  composer  |  translator  |  photographer  |  painter

co-founder of the “OFF Laboratory” production studio. born in Lviv, Ukraine, Oleksandr is known for his feature documentaries about Ukrainian artists and poets (“Chubai” in 2014, “The House on Seven Winds” in 2015, “An Aquarium in the Sea” in 2016, “Mister Nobody” in 2017, "Casi Desnudo" in 2018). his oeuvre includes several hundred films and videos. he is also involved in producing commercial advertising and music videos. his first professional short film “Don’t Lie to Me” was premiered in 2016 at Wiz-Art Lviv International Short Film Festival. Oleksandr has authored ten books of poetry; they all are collected in a volume “Decadence” (2017). he is the first to have translated Jim Morrison’s poetry into Ukrainian and published it in 2013. he has also translated English poetry of the Restoration Period, including works of John Rochester. Oleksandr is a performing artist and plays improvisational music and indie-rock. his discography consists of more than 50 albums. had a few personal photo exhibitions (Ukraine, Georgia). his paintings, drawings and sculptures are in personal collections (Ukraine, Poland, Georgia, Germany, Canada, USA).