read the e-book here. Serhiy Zhadan clearly outlined influences of the "Decadence": "not Tychyna or Pluzhnyk, but Antonych, not the Sixtiers from Kyiv, but the New York Group and Beatnicks, bypassing complex and not always productive relations between Ukrainian poets of 80s and 90s, accepting Kalynets', Chubai’ and Lysheha’ experience". Vasyl Makhno adds a few more iconic names to this coordinate system: "this is a distinct attempt on a super task, ... from Ezra Pound and Jim Morrison to Yuri Tarnawsky...". in turn, Yuri Tarnawsky describes poems of Oleksandr Fraze-Frazenko as "poetry of pure quality"; according to Yuri Andrukhovych, this is a "blasphemous epic, a synopsis of the new cinematography, a gospel from a heretic". Ihor Kalynets, whom Fraze-Frazenko names as his teacher, admitted: "why did not I finally started to write like this? it feels like something mine but on the highest ground... OFF is the one that went much further: I am immersed in this poetry as such, to which I did not come."ISBN 978-966-441-431-6, Piramida Publisher, Lviv, 2017

Decadence Book by Oleksandr Fraze-Frazenko

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