Tetiana Hanzha

pr manager  |  project manager  |  translator

worked as a journalist for a chess news website shakhy.ukr (2013-2015) and as an English tutor at CactusZno School in Kyiv (2015-2018). while studying literature at Kyiv-Mohyla Academy (2013 — till now, Kyiv), Tetiana wrote critical essays on classical and modern drama, including plays by Eugene O'Neill, Sarah Cane, Lesia Ukrainka, Pavlo Arie, and Stefan Zweig. in 2018, she received a Bachelor's degree in literature and debuted with an article "Ecocritical aspect of wilderness in the poetical cycle 'To Snow and Fire' by Oleh Lysheha" based on it. currently Tetiana is continuing her Master's studies at KMA and translating "Walden, or Life in the Woods" by H.D.Thoreau into Ukrainian. she got interested in the cinema with the recent revival of Ukranian film industry.

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